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Caro Schwarz

Musik ist meine Sonne für die Seele, mein Motor in den Tag, die Wiege in den Schlaf oder auch die optimale Begleitung durch eine kalte nebelige Nacht in Hamburg und der Welt. Ohne Musik geht es nicht. Mit auf jeden Fall immer besser. Daher gibt es diesen Blog.

Reeperbahn Festival 2020 – Tips for Wednesday

The Reeperbahn Festival starts today. From 16.09. to 19.09.2020 everything will be different this year: the music festival will take place online and on site, the conference talks are completely online. We have looked over the programme and put together a few recommendations for Wednesday. There should be something for both at home and onRead More »Reeperbahn Festival 2020 – Tips for Wednesday
Dobby_Barka by Luke Currie-Richardson

DOBBY – I can´t breathe feat. Barkaa – Video Release

DOBBY released his new single I Can’t Breathe (feat. Barkaa) one of the most impressive and heart touching HipHop anthems. With the now published video we take the chance to introduce the talented young musician and producer from Australia to you and share his message to the world.

Larry Mitchell shows us technical tricks for streaming gigs

Streaming live music directly to fans may be the new way for artists to present their music these days. The recent Coronavirus crisis has shown clearly that we all need to find some alternative ways to come together and listen to our favourite artists. But which technique is the best for musicians to use forRead More »Larry Mitchell shows us technical tricks for streaming gigs

Buket with feeling for RnB at KLANGTEPPICH #2 in Hamburg

It is Buket's vocal power to shape her sensitivity into images from words and sounds. Rmbr Me held me captive, Guessing Games completely convinced me!" This could be the answer to the question why Buket was chosen for KLANGTEPPICH #2. RnB rediscovered Almost breathlessly she breathes her "You're just a stranger" towards us and thenRead More »Buket with feeling for RnB at KLANGTEPPICH #2 in Hamburg