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Send your EPK


You have new music in the pipeline and would like it to be featured on MUSICSPOTS? Send us your press kit by email.

Due to the large number of new releases, we select specifically and with care. If you are interested, we will respond to your mails.

At the moment, we prefer recommendations from our community. Because our community members support us with a membership via Steady to create our articles in high quality and to finance our basic costs and smaller expenses. In this way, MUSICSPOTS can continue to guarantee independent and high-quality music journalism free of large partners.

What must the press kit contain?

  • Press text in German or English (pdf)
  • Photos incl. credits – please provide at least one picture in landscape format ( jpg, png)
  • Links to website, social media & streaming platforms
  • Contact for interviews

We also accept links to Dropbox, Soundcloud or YouTube to listen to unreleased material.

May I send you samples on CD or LP?
Maybe. We love and respect the environment and therefore ask you to refrain from sending samples without consultation.

Can I send you unreleased music in advance?
Maybe. Please do NOT send us audio & video files or WeTransfer folders (see above).

What kind of music gets attention?
MUSICSPOTS combines pop, funk, soul, folk, blues with jazz, HipHop and smooth rock sounds. We mostly move far away from the mainstream and the charts. Listen to our playlists and only send us something if you think it’s appropriate.

I represent an artist as a manager, booker or promoter. Can I include you in the newsletter?
No, thank you. We receive over 50 emails a day with enquiries and information about promotions. However, we are happy to receive specific personal enquiries.

Where should I send the press material?
Everything completely compiled? Then send us an email to news (at) musicspots. de

Due to the large number of new releases, we select specifically and with care. When selecting we prefer recommendations from our community members.

Want a feature?

With our special  articles  like live talks on Instagram, regular video showcases, New Music Friday playlists and of cause a promoted post on our social media channels, we offer you numerous opportunities to highlight your new releases.

Video Special

In the monthly series of articles, MUSICSPOTS presents videos that are worth a closer look. We are always on the lookout for exciting content, unusual production styles and unconventional filming locations that will make your music video stand out from the crowd.

If you submit your video via our form, you will have the chance to be featured in our article series. Please note: Due to the limited number in the article, we cannot guarantee that every video suggestion will be published.

In addition to the individual features and the usual reviews and tour promotions, we offer you the opportunity to promote an album from the first single to the release. Because regularly and repeatedly is usually better than just a one-off reference to a song or an album.