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Nick Corbin brings back his soulful roots with ‘Deeper in Love’ zurück

Nick Corbin makes us feel a warm summer breeze listening to his new single. With Deeper In Love, the UK based singer-songwriter brings us his soulful side back and makes us hope for more new sound from the Big AC Records label.


Starting with the warm instrumental solo part we drift directly into the song that welcomes us with the full and soulful voice of Nick Corbin. Its a classic soul track which makes it twice times smarter for me. We can enjoy it as easy as an ice cream in the sun, loanging for more after finishing. “Lyrically it was partly inspired by John Legend’s ‘Ordinary People’ – I wanted to write a love song about how challenging times can bring people closer together. The last year has really tested a lot of relationships and I felt it was important to have light and shade.” This song brings me the light side of life back into our music collections.


Nick Corbin was singer and main songwriter for New Street Adventure – a UK-based soul band, signed to the legendary Acid Jazz label. They released two albums and had a number of plays on worldwide radio shows as well as a high number of live gigs. Nowadays he is founder of his own label BIG AC Records based in London presenting artists like Abi Farrell and Carmy Love

With his new singles he seems really to be back in his own soul era. (While typing this line i listen to the song ‚She´s An Attraction‘ by New Street Adventure from 2016. – very nice one!)

Good to hear that the songwriter whom we shortly mentioned in co-writing with Emma Noble´s new single „We Gonna Live Forever“ has some more news for us. After Deeper in Love there will be one more track being released before Nick will enter the tour bus for his September concerts. 

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Maybe he will  bring all the brilliant musicians with him, that we can hear on the new track. Additionally to his regular backing band there are Paul Jordanous (Rag ‘n’ Bone Man) on trumpet, Tom White (Labrinth) on trombone and the legendary Mick Talbot on Hammond and Wurlitzer.

Nick Corbin live and on stream

But before Nick will pack his gear for the tour or at least present us some more music, we will take the chance to congratulate him personally for his music. Okay, not really onsite but on stream and we will ask him some more questions about his music and future plans. Tune in to our special summer edition of TALK & LISTEN on Wednesday 21 of July at 7pm German time and 6pm UK Time. join us, drop us some questions in the chat or send us before via mail. Lets have a fun half an hour together and maybe Nick Corbin can be persuaded to sing us some live notes in the stream.

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For everyone looking for a good soul live gig this year in UK, save the date and buy your ticket quick:

21st August 2021: Bristol Louisiana

9th September 2021: Manchester Gullivers

10th September 2021: Glasgow Admiral Bar

11th September 2021: Stockton Green Room

17th September 2021: Birmingham Dead Wax Digbeth

18th September 2021: Leicester Duffy’s Bar

24th September 2021: Brighton Hope & Ruin

29th September 2021: London O2 Islington

Deeper in Love has been released in 16.07.21 on BIC AC Records in UK und and via Legere Records in GSA. More about Nick Corbin you get to know on his webseite, on Instagram, Facebook , Twitter, Youtube and on Spotify. Deeper in Love is now listed on our  SoulCandy playlist.

Fotocredit: Nick Corbin by Dean Chalkley