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Beharie – soulful IndieFolk with RnB from Norway

Beharie has already made us look forward to the new EP with anticipation with his first single releases. On Beharie // Beharie, he now skilfully combines his dreamy folk, R&B and indie pop. In preparation for the live talk with the musician from Norway on 13.05.2021, we listen to the new EP.

After a wonderful debut two years ago, the musician is now skilfully following up with a gentle release. On his second EP, the musician releases five songs that start with Three Words Apart. The echoing vocals in the intro almost magically draw you into the musician’s world.

The new EP Beharie // Beharie stands out especially due to the blending of numerous genres. Pop, folk, RnB and indie pop weave themselves into floating melodies. Light and delicate, sometimes sombre, sometimes cheerful, Beharie shares his thoughts with us.

Magic by Musik

The song titles suggest that the Norwegian has not been unaffected by the past months. The search for his own identity, gender inequalities and Black Lives Matter are the themes in the songs. The special softness of his voice comes into its own in the recently released Sofa Session, in which the musician presents his new songs.


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The song I Wish I was You is as light as a feather. The acoustic guitar, light drums and the strong but soft voice of the musician let the song glide between pop and blues. The slight reverb in the songs and the background vocals make the piece sound slightly spherical. But at the latest with the guitar solo, the musician grounds himself again.

By Don’t Wanna Know and Won’t Let Me Go at the latest, one is virtually captivated by the way Beharie combines the different musical styles. It sounds so natural and yet thoughtful and deliberately used. “It’s definitely a mix between all the genres close to my heart. A mix between, soul, indie folk and r&b. It’s a reflection of my experience of being a human these last years. A great mix between love, growth, challenges and frustration”, says the singer.

After the pre-released single Worry, Beharie closes his second EP with the song Me and My Lonley. A piece in which Beharie gives space to his feelings and thoughts about loneliness. However, it is not purely about missing others, but also about the feeling of being alone and abandoned, although others are close by. The piece is a particularly beautiful conclusion to this little album because of the fading chorus.


Livetalk with Beharie

We are delighted to welcome the musician, songwriter and actor to our TALK & LISTEN live talk on Instagram on Thursday 13.05.21 at 19:00 (CET). Be there and ask your questions directly about the musician and listen to his musician. Because Beharie has agreed to perform a song live in the stream.

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Fotocredit: Beharie by Malin Longva.