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Irit Dekel – New jazzy sound from Tel Aviv

Let’s call it a surprise. The fresh and jazzy sound of Irit Dekel is directly touching the heart and soul. Right from the start of the new single Shut My Mouth the female singer – songwriter from Tel Aviv catched a place in the MUSICSPOTS music collection.


Curious to know more about the music and what will come up next, I had a look in the Spotify library. The musician has already released two full albums. After Last of Songs (2015) she published Hello (2018) full of rhythms and melodies packed with sun and uplifting arrangements.

By a first short phone call between Hamburg and Tel Aviv I quickly realized. Another part of the musician’s world has opened in front of me. it was the first time i heard the sound of the middle east in such an intense way. The songs by Irit Dekel must be heard. It’s a mix of jazz with pop and I think I’m right to say she mixes it straight forward with some tradional tunes.

We listen to trumpets as well as an accordion and even have some rhythms that remind me of tango dancing. Please give “Just Because” the opener of the record Hello a try. I beg, you will not be able to stand still.

In our conversation Irit Dekel has told me about her new upcoming project, in which the acoustic version of Shut My Mouth will just be the one second single after her release if Hello acoustic She wants to present to us an acoustic record. “An acoustic version delivers a message via the songs sometimes in a clearer way. I love to have the space for my voice and be surrounded by a percussion set and an acoustic guitar, it creates a frequency of intimacy.” We are looking forward to hearing more about the new songs.


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The musician and actress lived for some years in London and even though Tel Aviv is her home she misses traveling around and pick up the different influences for her music. “Maybe the pause because of Covidn19 is not the optimal situation for me to create something new. During the past few months I am writing new materials but all I have at the moment is “C parts” and sketches for the songs”. I think all creatives are in the same kind of situation at the moment. We miss the fresh input to create new output. “Next year something new will come out”, says Irit with a smile in her eyes.

You want to hear more about the music of Irit Dekel? Join our NEVER LUNCH ALONE Talk on Tuesday 24.12.20 at 12:10 pm (MEZ) / 13:10 Uhr Tel Aviv time.  Irit Dekel will be my guest and has agreed to perform us one song live and acoustic at the end of the session.

More information about Irit Dekel you get about her Homepage, Facebook-Fanpage and Instagram. Please listen to her Songs on Spotify and Youtube.

Fotocredit: Irit Dekel by Malkiella Benchabat


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