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Irit Dekel with „Nomads“ on the way to herself

Singer songwriter Irit Dekel presents us with her new single Nomands one more time a fresh and soulful jazzy sound. After releasing her last EP in summer last year the musican from Tel Aviv gives us a view in the forthcoming album.

The song is an artist statement on Nomads: “Nomads is talking about an inner search that leads towards an actual journey. A journey you reveal yourself as a new version of you, new colors that pop out, more like a rebirth of yourself. It´s about growing up, and prioritization, about love from different perspectives, about the fear of loss“.

That sounds as wonderful as the soft flowing melodies she brings us.

The video that has been released with the singles shows Irit Dekel wandering thru a very impressive valley. Never been to Israel but it looks great. Where and when have the video been produced,“ I asked her „The video was taken in Ramot Hanadiv VS Carmel mountain near the town Zichron Yaakov. First shooting day was in mid September and second part we did in mid of January. It was just produced by one camera man (Yoav Or), me and a lovely dog.


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At the moment Irit Dekel is working on her tour for 2022. Her next gig will be on 26. February in Jerusalem. An album is planed to be released in September. Besides this it seems as if she would not get bored. „I am working on my Album, performing music and  I am about to finish my st…