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Orla Gartland makes us listen with ‘Woman On The Internet’.

Orla Gartland is full of energy and this power is also in her incredibly modern and versatile pop. With Women On The Internet, the London-based Irishwoman is finally releasing her debut album.

The singer owes her fame to the internet, but her audience has long experienced and celebrated her on real stages as well. After her EP Lonely People six years ago, Orla Gartland finally releases a record that convinces in its entirety.

Anyone who is interested in young, highly talented musicians from England and Ireland will inevitably come across a circle of friends made up of three women. On the one hand, there is Greta Isaac, about whom we have already reported in detail at MUSICSPOTS. Complimenting the group are singer Dodie and Orla Gartland. The history of this clique of exceptional female artists certainly played a major role in the title of the album. Women On The Internet fits like a glove when you look at the history of Orla Gartland.

Self-discovery trip with irony

The 26-year-old has been on YouTube with her music for over 10 years. Her new album is a mixture of self-discovery, irony and creative independence. Her sound moves delightfully refreshingly between rock, punk, folk and synth-sprinkled pop. Orla Gartland herself says that Women On The Internet describes the chaos of her 20s.


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The album title refers to a nebulous, self-help-like figure, a kind of caricature. She is in search of herself and always with a dash of self-irony. Listening more closely to the eleven songs and letting them sink in, some numbers stand out for me. Things That I’ve Learned, for example, is an energetic song about knowledge gained and imparted. Percussions and staccato guitars give the song that certain kick.

You’re not special, babe is a fast and grandiose indie-pop number. The exploration of identity is in the foreground of the song. In the single Zombie and in More like you, Orta Gartland deals with the same problems. She openly describes her struggles with feelings of inferiority. The message is to stand by your emotions instead of suppressing them.

The most beautiful piece on the album for me is Madison. The number only uses the light sounds of an acoustic guitar and Orla Gartland`s voice. To like someone because of the way you think and trust them is the core message of the song. Throughout the album, it is noticeable that Orla Gartland has let influences of different female artists work on her. There are songs reminiscent of Fiona Apple and Regina Spektor as well as rock-punky numbers by Kate Bush and Avril Lavigne.

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The musician hopes her album will help people understand her better. Orla Gartland’s album Women On The Internet is varied. Although it is full of themes like fear and doubt, the artist has managed to take away the resonating heaviness of the songs with playful ease.

Orla Gartland Europa-Tour 2022

06.04.22Les Étoiles, Paris, France

08.04.22. Kent Club, Hamburg, Germany

16.04.22 Exil, Zürich, Switzerland

18.04.22 Strom, Munich, Germany

19.04.22. Frannz Club, Berlin, Germany

20.04.22 Stadtgarten, Cologne, Germany

21.04.22 Kavka Oudaan, Antwerp, Belgium

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More infos about Orla Gartland you find on her homepage, Facebook, Instagram and on Youtube.

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