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Greta Isaac – first look on EP Pessimist

Greta Isaac is one of the most talented upcoming female artists coming up these days. With her fresh, sound and direct touching lyrics she has already entered our top 10 pop charts  for this year. In preparations for the live talk on Thursday 29th April Greta lets us know more about her upcoming EP Pessimist

Nach einer 18-monatigen Pause ist Greta nun zurück mit Songs, die noch kraftvoller sind als zuvor. Die neuen Songs scheinen direkt aus dem Herzen zu sprechen, laut und deutlich.

Asked what made her take a short break away from releasing music, the musician from Wales answers: „I needed to figure out why I am making music.“ While in her previously released singles, „You“ and “Undone” took a more formulaic way of arranging music, we now listen to songs that showcase lyrics about true feelings and self reflection.

Greta Isaac very much represents a new generation of artists. Dealing openly and freely with the challenges of their time. The songs are not just about a happy life. She is dealing with feeling lost, confused, finding her way and the pressure to be constantly visible and transparent in social media, often being forced to look good or seeming to be having fun.

In Like Me, Greta Isaac points on the unconditional desire to be loved. The Video shows the singer dancing in a specifically choreographed dance performance. Playful, dreamy and wild at the same time. A great result of real teamwork Greta explains. She is working with a brilliant team which, she tells us, will play a big part in her success.


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The most convincing aspect of Greta’s music for me is the natural way she intuitively lets her feelings flow through her music. Her strong yet vulnerable voice is a special talent and clear to hear in her songs Power and FU. In particular, FU gives us goosebumps – Just accompanied by her acoustic guitar, she sings about looking back and regretting things that have happened to her. We hope she has made peace with this through releasing this record.

live chat with Greta Isaac

We truly have to trust Jack Saunders from BBCR1 who declares, „Greta is a pop star waiting in the wings for her moment“. We are sure she is primed to take over the world with her EP Pessimist, released on 14th May on MADE Records

Next stop will be on our TALK & LISTEN live talk on Thursday at 7pm (CET). We will have a chat about her music and Greta has agreed to play one song for us on air. If you have any questions, feel free to send them directly to us, or share them in the chat.

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More infos about Greta Isaac you´ll get on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. You can listen to her songs on Spotify and other streaming plattforms as well.

Fotocredit: Creta Isaac by Annalisa Karina.