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Papooz – Hell Of A Woman

Can we please stop for a moment and just listen to the new song by Papooz? Hell of a Woman will brighten up your life in these grey cloudy days, Give it a try and end the day with a big smile.

Watching the just released video of Hell of a Woman we will suddenly see, that so many things in life seem to be as well naturally as extra ordinary at the same time. Packed in the typical dream pop sound of Papooz Hell of a Woman brings us another song of his forthcoming album of the french duo.

The track is a kind of short film reportage. Armand and Ulysse, starring as reporter and anchor man are from the 80s. They cover a French « reportage » about modern women: the “helluvawomen” – for Papooz TV network. In the video we walk with them from woman to woman, it seems like the video is a kind of making of their report.

In der Mitte des Films finden wir Papooz mit Sabine Servan-Sch

In the middle of the film we find Papooz sitting with Sabine Servan-Schreiber. She is Armand’s great auntie, who was married to the french press legend and politician Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber who was the founder of L’Express Magazine. She’s 82, had four sons, one of them died of cancer in 2011 and still gives littérature and philosophy lessons to kids who aren’t doing well at school. The video is a more than just a film for a nice track, it has more than just one great story to tell.

reiber auf einem Soda sitzend sitzend. Eine besondre Szene, die dem Film, dem Stück und der Musik von Papooz noch mehr Bedeutung verleiht. Sie ist Armands Großtante, die mit der französischen Presselegende und Politikerin Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber verheiratet war, dem Gründer des Magazins L’Express. Sie ist 82 Jahre alt, hatte vier Söhne, von denen einer 2011 an Krebs starb, und gibt immer noch Kindern, die in der Schule nicht gut sind, Nachhilfe in Literatur und Philosophie. Das Video ist mehr als nur ein Film für einen schönen Track, es hat mehr als nur eine tolle Geschichte zu erzählen.


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Whatever you might expect in future. We tell you know: with the forthcoming album „None of This Matters Now“ that will be released on 18 of March 2022 on Half Awake Records the musicians from Paris will make our life a bit easier.

On more thing for all the vegetarians around us: skip from 39“ to 44“ and thank me later.

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