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5 artist from Central Eastern Europe presented by the CEEntral party initiative

What kind of music is presented by the region of Eastern Europe? Which artist we like to recommend to you have to? On the 5th anniversary of the CEEntral Party the initiative we can introduce you a number of very talented bands from Czech, Hungary, Lithuania and Ukraine. Let´s have a look on the sound of Viah, Shishi, Fo Sho, The Castle and Jazzbois who bring us Pop, HipHop, Rock and experimental sound of Jazz to Punk-influenced Indie sound.


A band of three female musicians, that has not justed won the export award of Radio Wave but although convince with a female Indie-Electro style. The paternoster session of Radio Wave shows clearly that Vi, Eleni und Rosa are producing a sound that fits perfect in our time. It´s electro pop sometimes soft and sometimes fast perfect for the dancefloor.


Jazzbois is a jazz-hiphop fusion trio from Budapest. If you like a light experimental sound, you really have to listen to Jazzbois. Right from the start they were recognized by many key figures in the industry over the borders of Hungary. On their debut album “Jazzbois Goes Blunt” they presented a unique psychedelic flavored fusion that shacked the bones of jazz masters and beat lovers alike. A truly unforgettable musical experience.


Do you remember the late 90s surf rock and punk music? Here it is again Shishi brings us the sound of the frozen shores of the Baltic sea and name it “zero-waste trash music”. It´s loud, direct and with a certain touch of glamour. The songs really sound like the three mermaids (Benadetta, Victoria and Maria Rosa) have just left the Baltic sea in Lithuania to bring us good rock music to dance. And we will do immediately.

Fo Sho

Fo Sho present us real HipHop that remembers us to the 90s girlband like TLC. The three sisters — Betty, Miriam and Siona Endale are such a great group you should listen to them. You doubt it? Listen to  their symbiosis of modern genres from trap to hip-hop, with other styles such as R&B and rock good to see in there hit Xtra. Female HipHop from Ukraine had never sound better.

The Castle

The Castle are based in Ukraine. With their surreal aesthetics and nostalgic psychedelic sound they drew the attention of the press in their country as well as in France, Italy and Japan. They throw us back to the 60s with their style of less technology and more genuine feelings. You like jazz fusion and hard rock at the same time. 

All our five featured artist get the support of the CEEntral Party community, which is celebrating the 5th anniversary this year with a big showcase on the Reeperbahn Festival. If you are going to visit the festival, take your chance to join the gigs of the five bands presenting todays sound of the East European. 

Where: Thomas Read, Hamburg

When: Thursday, 23.09.21 

16:30 Uhr / viah

18:00 Uhr / Jazzbois

19:30 Uhr / Fo Sho

21:00 Uhr / The Castle

22:30 Uhr / shishi

More Infos you find here 

On the event the CEEntral party members will present a regional project called HEMI, a joint program of 9 countries supported by Creative Europe, which helps local talents, music enterpreneurs to build a stonger local market.

Once again it´s time to send a big thanks to network of partners and friends from the media and music biz. They always present us the best tips in music, cause they know what we love to listen to.