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Larry Mitchell – two EPs full of guitar sounds

Larry Mitchell is not just a Grammy award-winning producer, engineer and performer. He is one of those musicians you cannot stop listening to. Larry plays the guitar in such a perfect way – strong and even full of power. On his newest EPs The Light within and Shadows on the Soul the musician presents us with the full spectrum of this instrument.

It was at the end of the last year, I had a short video call with Larry Mitchell about music and life these days. End of 2020 – not the best time for all of us, especially not for America. In the middle of the elections and at same time struggling with the pandemic of Covid. “Music is still a part of my life and I have produced new songs”, Larry told me. “I am going to release two new EPs the next days”. What a message! To be honest, I did not call to ask for news about music but this sounds good.


Larry starts talking about the development of his two new EPs. “First there was this idea of just one album, full of different songs. But the longer time went by, and the pandemic situation lasted and we were forced to change our lives, the album concept changed as well. At the end it developed to be two EPs. One with soft acoustic songs called The Light within and a second EP with Electric songs Shadows on the Soul is full of power, rock and a bluesiersound.”

I love both new releases. They are different and similar at the same time. Together they present the full spectrum of Larry Mitchell. On the acoustic EP The Light within reminds me of the sound of Santana or a good nature film soundtrack. Songs like Popcorn and Chocolate let me start dreaming of nights with friends in the cinema. The music leads us through some dark days and brings us back to the light.

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The other EP Shadows on the Soul is full of these sounds that nearly hurt and heal the wounds full of strength. The guitar seems to cry like a wounded human being. It is the sound of dark films and situations you sit alone at home. Listening to the song Tunnel I feel the first days of isolation and loneliness’ in spring 2020 coming back. Please listen to these songs with time to relax and lay back. Larry leads you into the dark in every song, but he also brings us  into the light again. Like in the end of Tunnel when the piano sounds finish the song.


Larry Mitchell had produced eleven songs that present his fascinating sound and soft performance knowledge of playing the guitar. The both EPs can be listened to as a soundtrack of 2020 and maybe even for 2021. Soft guitar accords meet the powerful dreamful and something hard sound played by one musician.

The both EPs are published via Bandcamp. “Maybe one day, there will be a physical release”, Larry answered my questions. “At the moment Bandcamp has the best conditions for streaming and selling music for independent musicians.” Good to know for music lovers to buy and stream music nowadays to support their favorite artists. Earlier albums by Larry Mitchell can be listened to via Spotify and Apple Music. Maybe one day there will be vinyl with these new songs. I think it would be a perfect match of an A and a B side.

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Bringing music to the audience in these times without concerts is hard. Larry spends a lot of time in his studio and playing regular livestream shows via YouTube and Facebook. I can truly recommend his shows. With the time difference between Germany and his home in Alabama his shows are perfect to listen to in a sleepless lockdown night. Tune in and let the music flow right through you.

Both EPs are published at the beginning of November 2020. For more information about Larry Mitchell have a look on our interview from 2017, his Streaming Tips or visit his website, Facebook page, InstagramYouTube Channel and his Bandcamp Shop.

Fotocredit: Larry Mitchell by Bob Capazzo