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being anne – Lovesickness will never be easy

It’s the little things that show us what life feels like. A gentle voice, for example, that makes us listen and feel. being anne may only be one of many current music creators, but it’s a particularly good place to listen.

The Hamburg-based musician started the year with What did you do. The new single, a duet with Wilhelm Tell Me, is a wonderful acoustic song. A song about feelings that hurt and pain that lingers.

It is one of five tracks that will be put together to form a first EP in February. thank you for ruining my summer will be full of these quiet and painful thoughts about the pain of separation and feelings. Thoughts that are there when you are left alone. being anne has written them down and set them to music with her guitar. She lets us empathise without asking for sympathy. Perhaps she wants to give the pain a place.

But when you listen to her song Strawberry Picking, you are suddenly caught up in one of those summer love moments yourself. You feel the warmth, smell the grass, hear the birds and remember how something began and ended. Is it always like this? If so, being anne now has a soundtrack for these moments.

Or watch the live session for cold bitch at the Hamburg kitchen sessions. It’s really rare to see such a warm and touching performance. When the next concert is announced, you should definitely make sure you get a ticket.


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I am delighted to have discovered the musician at the end of last year. While the songs were too heavy for me back then, I can now hear the sarcasm between the lines. It’s just the right amount of humour to make the eternal cycle more bearable. It is music. Good music with heart and pain. The way it should be.

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