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Concert Review: Curtis Harding at Musikzentrum Hannover

The soul musician Curtis Harding played at the Musikzentrum in Hannover on June 13 as part of his If Words Were Flowers Europe Tour 2023. I have been a fan of the musician since 2017, but had lost track of him over the years. So I was excited to see how he has developed over the last years.

Melancholic sounds from support act Luke Noa

The support act Luke Noa started the show. The alternative singer-songwriter from Germany reminds musically of Fil Bo Riva and Giant Roots, vocally I immediately had to think of Jake Bugg. A charming young musician who pulled the audience along with his thoughtful and melodically polished songs. In places I would have liked some more upbeat music, but all in all I enjoyed Luke Noa.

Luke Noa

Rousing performance by Curtis Harding and his band

Curtis Harding and his five-piece band were convincing from the first note. He relied on two keyboard players, which I find unusual, but in retrospect was a great fit. Joshy Soul in particular radiated pure joy and good humor while playing, which was immediately transmitted to the audience.

Although Curtis convinces with his lyrics, he is not a man of many words apart from the songs. After a short welcome to the audience, a 90-minute journey through his discography followed.

First and foremost there were songs from his current album If Words Were Flowers (2021), but also many tunes from his two previous albums. It was a great mix of quieter and uptempo numbers that got the audience dancing.

Even though the band was very well-rehearsed, my focus was mainly on Curtis’ vocals. It’s rare to hear such an extraordinary voice from young soul artists. A voice with recognition value. He was also convincing on the guitar.

Curtis Harding

I had a really great time at Curtis Harding’s concert. Even if the songs were played almost like on record and no big surprises happened on stage, I can recommend everyone to go to his concerts. If you didn’t know him yet, you can catch up now.

You can find all albums on Spotify. For more tour dates and info about Curtis Harding, follow him on Instagram and visit his website.

Photos: Miriam Busse

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