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Strong Women – Powerful Female Voices

Today is  International Women’s Day. We celebrate the wisdom, beauty and strength of all women worldwide. We focus on female singers who stand up for women’s equality and self-determination in and through their music. Whether through expressive use of their voices, direct speeches or gentle sounds that openly and honestly express their feelings – each of them has her own approach to addressing experiences in her music, to addressing problems, to triggering emotions and thus encouraging other women.

We present you our personal top 10 songs that radiate female empowerment and at the same time show the versatility of emancipation and empowerment of women in society, politics and family. More songs you find on our Spotify– and Youtube-Playlist.

1. Emma Noble – Woman of the World

We start with a song that evokes real joie de vivre and goosebumps at the same time, because it is so good. Originally by Marvin Gaye, singer, DJane and radio host has re-released this song on her latest EP. The song to all women worldwide, should simply be played loud. A real anthem for togetherness.

Asked directly how this new fantastic version could be released Emma Noble told us: When I first heard this song I absolutely fell in love with it. The musical arrangements and melodies are just effortlessly beautiful, but also lyrically there’s a lot of important things to think about. Marvin’s original version was about one singular woman, but we changed up the lyrics so it became about plural women. I also think hearing it being sung from the voice of a female, gives it a different dynamic and changes it up enough that it becomes its own version rather than a straight-up cover. (Which is what we set out to do from the beginning)
I love that it is a positive, uplifting song about celebrating all the brilliant women of the world. And I think it’s the perfect anthem for ‘International Woman’s Day.”

So true. We love the song and it will of cause be played all day long, not just on Interational Women´s Day. Thank you so much Emma Noble.

2. Sampa The Great – Final Form

With the song Final Form, the Zambian-born rapper Sampa Tembo presents herself as a self-confident and mature woman. The repetitive sampled beat with the building tension created by brass and strings is discharged in a song that addresses hostility and stigmas and at the same time celebrates her homeland – with an attitude that is unparalleled. Coolness paired with seriousness convey a message that gives women the feeling they can conquer the whole world. With this song, Sampa has truly arrived at the final stage of the empowered woman.

3. Sarajane – The Boss ft. Shero

„I am not bossy, I am the boss!“, says Sarajane in her song. Strong words from an equally strong woman. Sarajane means what she says and skilfully packs her experiences into RnB and pop rhythms that put you in a good mood and encourage you to go your own way. The musician speaks from experience. She is not only her own boss, but also a mother herself. On International Women’s Day at 10 p.m. on NDR Blue, she tells how she combines all these challenges in her everyday life. The station will broadcast a concert recording and an interview with Sarajane. 

4. mola – Lieber Ich

True to the motto “Only you are you”, Mola made a clear statement for individuality and self-realisation with this song. It is better to stand by oneself than to hide behind an artificial façade. When asked, the musician explains: “Wir müssen uns als Frauen noch mehr gegenseitig Supporten. Auch wenn wir da 2021 schon viel geschafft habt haben, geht da noch mehr. Frauen waren und sind immer Teil von patriarchalen Strukturen. Wir müssen weg von der reinen Opfer Perspektive und uns selbst reflektieren um nachhaltig etwas zu verändern.”

5. Kleopetrol – High Alert 2020

With High Alert 2020, Kleopetrol, together with the US rapper Cleva Thoughts, make a clear statement for justice and tolerance for all – regardless of gender, sexual orientation and cultural or social background. “Every time you feel weak, listen to this song and you will kick ass!”, says frontwoman Tiana Kruškić. The feminist and anti-fascist message of the song comes with a lot of soul power and a pinch of humour.

 6. Aretha Franklin – Respect

Aretha Franklin’s song Respect became an anthem of the civil rights movement in the USA in 1967 and is still relevant today. In the song, a strong, young and self-confident woman demands respect from her husband. Because although she does everything for him, he behaves disrespectfully towards her. The message of Respect is directed at all those who feel unappreciated and encourages them to stand up for their values and needs.

7. Phela – 100 Meter gross

Phela has shown this year that together many things are easier. 100 Meter Gross is a collaborative project involving many female musicians. A song about the daily difficulty of uniting everything that comes together in the role of a woman, mother and musician. Sacrificing oneself, the desire to be bigger, stronger and not so exhausted at the end of the day. The honest handling of external expectations is so touching that you pause for a moment and become aware of the many small tasks, even as an uninvolved person.

8. lùisa – New Women

Change can often be hard and requires courage. Mistakes are unavoidable in these time and allowing them counts as strength. Lùise has just announced her new album for May 2021. New Women is already a highlight. The title track song about change surely speaks from the soul of many.

9. Lake Street Dive – Being a Woman

Gentle and determined, Lake Street Dive come around the corner with their latest single, fitting for International Women’s Day: “Being a woman is a full time job”. Packed with soul and blues, the song is healing, helping and enlightening without being too cautionary.

10. Janelle Monáe – PYNK

In our search for truly exceptional songs, the musician Puder still recommended the song by Janelle Monrae. What a great tip within the industry. Puder (aka Catharina Boutari) said herself: “Watch the video! Viva la vulva. Girlcrew love is true love”.

For sure Puder has put a song in our playlist. Still be There by the German musician is one of our empowering songs on Spotify . Have a listen to the “Powerful Women Playlist even on Youtube  where we collected many more great songs of powerful strong and soft voices by female artist all around the world.


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This article is a written together with all MUSICSPOTS authors. (Miriam Busse, Dirk Kippermann, Caro Schwarz)

Fotocredit: Titel Screemshot by Kleopetrol aus dem Video High Alert 2020