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Thanks Francesco Cetraro for helping me discover new live music

Discovering new favorite music when you travel doesn’t have to be complicated. Thanks to Francesco and his team at GigsGuide! Meeting him expanded my network by a hard rock music fan and brought a lot a fun to many gigs we visited together. Thanks!

Let the music play

Sometimes you meet people with an interesting new business idea and sometimes you meet people who are as crazy as you about live music. Meeting Francesco last summer definitely ticked all the boxes. With him, my network has now expanded to include a „metal head“, a digital nomad and a start-up business guy with a simple idea: matching your travel plans with personalized recommendation for the perfect live music events to attend. 

Francesco and I met when the GigsGuide team joined the MusicWorx accelerator at the end of the summer. Always open to discovering new music, I really have to thank him for bringing a lot of fun to many gigs (from Reeperbahn Festival, Most Wanted Music to the secret „The Voice of Germany“ gig with Fidi to mention just a few), business events or even just an after-work dinner discussing new crazy ideas. 

Besides this, Francesco is also one of the best networkers to have on your side, always introducing people to each other and making the world a bit better with his open-minded personality. Please keep in touch!

3 favorite songs from 2019:

1. White Lies – “Tokyo”
2. Ghost – „Kiss the Go-Goat“
3. Danko Jones – “I’m In A Band”

Honorable mentions: Georgie Fisher “My Friend the Devil”; Leelo “Good old Friend” (discoveries of Reeperbahn Festival)

Listen to ne updates mix here.

Concert Highlight 2019:

Ska-P in Milano (I have been wanting to see them for 20 years and finally I did… It was crazy hot on that day though :D).
White Lies 10 years anniversary of the album “To Lose My Life” at DR Concert House in Copenhagen last Saturday :)

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Outlook for 2020:

I am looking out for loads of great concerts in 2020, I think I might go insane or bankrupt (or both…) before the end of the year.

So far, I am planning to see Mongolian metal band The Hu in Hamburg in January, Supergrass in Brussels in February, Therapy? In Hamburg in March … And then Faith No More and Pearl Jam this summer (waiting to see if they both go to the same festival before making my decision)

More about GigsGuide

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