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Thanks DOBBY for bringing HipHop back to MUSICSPOTS

DOBBY is a talented young HipHop artist from Australia. With his fresh style he made me listen to HipHop again. I am so thankful for meeting this young musician at Reeperbahn Festival that I want to thank him and introduce him to the world.

Best things in life happen without being planed. That´s how I became a big fan of DOBBY. Selecting the artist I want so see on stage from the long list of the Reeperbahn Festival line up, I received a mail. Vyvienne the Manager of DOBBY asked me for an interview. 


DOBBY on stage

Enthusiastic after listening to his fresh style, we did a long talk backstage before his gig at Molotow Skybar. The interview is still waiting to be published, but I think now is the time to thank and introduce the rapper, drummer and music composer to you.


The Songs of DOBBY are dominated by his fresh style. As an Aboriginal Filipino based in Sydney his lyrics are as political as actual. Long not seen an artist interacting so powerful with the audience. I danced my feet off two times. If you ever have the chance to see him live – get your sneakers on and go for it! DOBBY thank you so much for bringing the HipHop back to MUSICSPOTS. Just thought I lost it because of all the trap style. Now I know that there is still a real beat in it. Please listen to this young talent, enjoy his music and think about his lyrics.


3 favorite songs in 2019:


  1. Madison McFerrin – Learn Your Lesson
  2. Jacob Collier – It Dont Matter
  3. Rapsody – Whoopi

Addional: Bob Dylan – Its Alright Ma (I’m only bleeding)


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Concert Highlight 2019:

Big concert highlight was seeing Janelle Monae at Afropunk in Paris!! Such an incredible show, she walked into the crowd and I was so close to her!


Outlook for 2020:

I’m looking out for new music from Australia, in particular Kaiit, Thelma Plum and L Fresh The LION. I’ll also be releasing two projects in 2020 :)

Great to see that he is although keen on Madison McFerrin and loves to listen to Kaiit, i just saw at ELBJAZZ this year. I am looking forward to his new releases.

More about DOBBY and his upcoming shows and releases you´ll find on his website, his facebook fanpage, instagram or on his youtube channel.