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William Wassinger – In The Middle Of It All

The album In The Middle Of It All by singer and songwriter William Wassinger convinces with good compositions and a warm, catchy voice. In our review, the young musician from Copenhagen answered some questions about his career, which musicians have influenced him and what he plans to do now.

The start of 2022 is fully packed with new releases. It seemed like everyone had been waiting for the right moment. One who had chosen the totally right moment is William Wassinger. The young danish singer songwriter had published an album full of songs telling experience of his turbulent childhood and broken relationships. Raised in a neighborhood alongside criminals,  alcoholics and bad role models he learned to handle things on his own in early age.

His released songs often sound lighter and more uncomplicated than the message they convey between the lines. Listening to the album, you might actually forget that this is the young musician’s first proper release. The songs sound almost perfectly composed and are reminiscent of famous artists like Ed Sheeran, but also of Jack Savoretti or John Mayer. Perhaps it is the analogy to these three top pop artists that opened my heart o…