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Sweed opens his heart to us on Sweedlife

The Stuttgart musician Sweed brings great indie anthems to us with his latest EP “Sweedside”. The five tracks follow on seamlessly from their predecessor, showing feeling and depth in the lyrics and compositions.

Sweed is edgy and at the same time nestles gently. The indie musician from southern Germany released his second EP “Sweedlife” at the beginning of September. The pieces sound even more mature, a little poppier now and then and are better to listen to on the side. This new perfectionism, however, does not leave a feeling of emptiness. On the contrary, Sweed has proven that he has found himself and his style.

Edgy and soulful

SWEED 01_Stefan Krauper

Not even in his mid-twenties, Niklas Schwedt decides to go his own way after training and school. He tours the country independently on the bus and releases his debut Sweedside on his own in 2021. Driving rhythms and a voice that transports the feeling of freedom, space and independence dominate this debut work.

Now, almost a year later, Sweed is releasing his next collection of songs. The new tracks on Sweedlife tell of friendship and the eternal ups and downs of interpersonal interaction. The feeling of unconstrained free living continues to show itself in fast beats, but the lyrics give a glimpse into eventful months that the singer seems to have experienced.

On Summernight, we hear Sweed talking about wonderful summer evenings together in 2021 with song partner Lenar, and now, one year later, Face2Face takes us into the ups and downs of a relationship. Sleepless tells of being alone and with Now You Want Me the musician takes us to the bitter end of a relationship.

Even though Sweedside only contains five tracks, they are all the more soulful. They are powerful well-produced pop songs that combine rock and pop. Sweed inevitably makes us experience great emotional worlds. We wish and immediately want more songs that, like Stupid, show us the futility and pain of on-off relationships and make us nod in agreement.

You want to hear more from Sweed? Then you still have the chance to experience the musician live in the coming days.

Sweed live 2022

28.09.2022 Titus, Köln

30.09.2022 Titus Stuttgart

01.10.2022 Titus München

27.10.2022 Jaki, Köln

Alle Gigs können kostenfrei ohne Ticket besucht werden.

More abour Sweed you´ll find on his website, Instagram and  YouTube . You can of cause listen to his music on Spotify.

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Fotocredit: Titel by Dan Trautwein, Profil by Stefan Krauper

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