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Stud.mp3 – Coffee & Cigarettes make us happy

Stud.mp3 is a real insider tip. The Cologne-based musician manages to throw a little hit into the world with every release. Coffee & Cigarettes is again such an example. Pop with a slightly soulful touch where the 20s meet the 80s. Good pop music can sound that simple.

Stud.mp3 accomplishes what many aspiring musicians and bands fail to do: it moves me! I catch myself listening to her song quietly sum, snapping in time and the corners of my mouth unconsciously go up. Mission completed! The new single Coffee & Cigarettes is a small hit.

A good pop song today has to follow certain patterns to be heard on Spotify and the streaming platforms. Stud.mp3 manages this with wit and charm. The single has with 3’11 the appropriate length and the structure (intro – verse – chorus …) follow the right patterns for our ears. At the same time, the musician manages not to let her work end in boredom despite conformity. I think the piece is perfect for half an hour of continuous repeat and a end you have a good mood, no matter what was.

“The song is about the feeling you have when you have a crush on someone who is not good for you,” the musician answered my question. Even if I hope that this bad feeling has already passed and the song has led to the overcoming of frustration and grief, it shows: good pop music is created from real feelings and not on the computer.

Stud.pmp3 has produced this single again with Nico Brandenburger. It shines with good melodies and lyrics that go into the ear. Who knows the feeling of too much cigarettes and coffee, knows: this is not the best medicine against sorrow. Poured into music, however, the mixture works perfectly against the hangover.

If you want to hear more from Stud.mp3, you should check out Spotify and Youtube. Rarely does a musician today manage to put so much joy and lightness into songs. You always get the feeling that Stud.mp3 doesn’t take itself too seriously in everything it does. Is this perhaps the famous Cologne temperament, which is so foreign to us in the north. Check out the karaoke version of The Cup, or watch her move through Lockdown number 3 in 20smth.

Want more crazy creative output? Then I advise you to follow stud.mp3 on Instagram. Also check Facebook regularly, maybe the cologne cheerful nature is sometime also with you as a guest.

Fotocredit by Joshua Hoffmann