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Sharky has more than just a slightly dirty love song for us

With Shark, singer Sharky (aka Georgia Mason) releases her debut on Thru Thougts. With her very distinctive vocal style, this song flows directly to the listener:inside and gives a glimpse into a sound that combines art and popular music. 

When thoughts become music, sometimes unexpected songs come out. Shark is a setting of a poem written years ago about sex in connection with a picture of a shark. “I wrote a silly poem about sex years ago next to a photograph of a Great White shark about to break the surf. Years later, I made it into a tune on my nan’s old keyboard… It’s like a smutty love song,” says Sharky. 

Playing with thoughts 

The association in the sound with sexual ecstasy is clear and intentional. It is the play with opposites, with taboos and humour that the musician Sharky presents to us here. Another example of her artistic work and a further development of her sound. 

Sharky with HipHop and Jazz

In collaboration with producer and partner Todd Speakman (Speakman Sound, LONO), a piece has been created that is dominated by percussion and effects. The conscious decision to replace the drums with smaller or more individual percussion in the course of the piece is to be welcomed. This gives the single even more bite and clarifies the image of the shark suddenly breaking through the surf. Together with the keyboards, something like the sound of gentle sparkling water is created, which increases.

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It is a lightly dancing mixture of jazz, hip hop and indie pop. Sharky asks us to enter her special artist:inside world and keeps us gently but energetically captivated in her latest piece. Playful and humorous, she tackles the subject of sex in such a way that it naturally breaks any taboos that might still exist in our enlightened world. 

Sharky previously performed on the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury Festival in 2017 as part of a Speakman Sound TV set.  Performances at Jazz Café a tour support for Jordan Mackampa in 2021 followed. We eagerly listen to their newly released single and let ourselves be carried away by their previous releases into a sound world full of surprises, freshness and excitement. 

More infos about Sharky you find on Instagram, Bandcamp and on the Youtube Kanal of Thru Thoughts. Of cause you´ll find the new release as well on our New Music Friday playliste