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Review Reeperbahn Festival 2020 – Part 1 – Music Highlights

Four days of Reeperbahn Festival 2020 in Hamburg are behind us. Everything was different, unusual and always a bit weird. Nevertheless we tried to enjoy music live and look back on an event in times of crisis.

For the first time MUSICSPOTS had appeared at the festival in a double line-up. Since the beginning of the year Dirk has been supporting the editorial team and with his passion for singer-songwriter pop he has added good tips to our music collection. At the Reeperbahn Festival he visited numerous concerts for you. This year his four highlights from the festival days come mainly from Germany.

Music with much female power

The performance at the Imperial Theater was characterised by a great performance and a remarkable interaction with the background singers. One had the impression that the musician is a perfectionist. In sound slightly mystical, the singing in Dutch was very pleasant to listen to.

A great mixture of fast, catchy songs and calm numbers in Uebel & Gefährlich. My favourite this evening is the ballad Universe Lullaby from the album The Futurist. Live on stage Novaa seems to be a rather reserved artist who is completely at home during her music. But the audience enjoyed it.


This year’s Anchor Award winners had the opportunity to perform at the Mojo Club. The good interaction of drummer Demian with keyboarder and singer Inèz made the performance special. They also incorporated the current situation into their stage show. Before her dance interlude, singer Inèz said to the audience: “We are going to try something new today. After all, you are not allowed to get up and leave.” Very funny to see the two musicians suddenly dancing across the stage instead of their instruments.

The Imperial is always one of the most beautiful locations of the Reeperbahn Festival. The rather quiet but very pleasant music of Tara Nome Doyle fitted the stage of the old theatre. The show was purely reduced to the simple beauty of the music and thus got a special sound.

Four musicians* and bands with strong female voices. The mostly soft sound that fits well to the smaller circle of allowed guests. Looking back on the past days, Dirk draws the following feedback: “In a time when a lot of things have to be cancelled, it was a highlight to be able to experience live music again. This joy was noticeable to artists and festival visitors alike. This year’s line-up was not as international as usual, but this year too, promising artists could be discovered. If the acts did not come from overseas this time, musicians* from the Netherlands, Denmark and directly from Hamburg were able to convince the audience.

Reeperbahn with quite a distance

For musicians* and bands that are more into singer-songwriters, a concert in a sitting position is certainly better than ska-punk. The Italian band Talco did a really good show on Saturday, but I personally found it difficult to stay seated. So Talco did not make it into my highlights. The four bands that I would like to recommend to you or rather put on your ears will follow in the 2nd part of our review.

I myself took the opportunity this time to exchange ideas with musicians*, music makers and music fans off the stage and away from the neighbourhood. All in all, there were fewer seats in the clubs. Even the big open-air stage was well seated for sitting with intervals. The smaller number of locations, as well as the missing Priority Lane often forced us to be patient. But despite all the challenges, we have to thank the festival team for the smooth running of the festival at all corners and ends. More about this in part 2 of the review of the Reeperbahn Festival part 2.


Fotocedits: All pictures in the article by Dirk Kippermann for MUSICSPOTS