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Reeperbahn Festival 2020 – Tips for Saturday

Reeperbahn Festival day 4 and thus already the end of this special edition in 2020. The weather is still beautiful and warm in late summer and invites to enjoy music under the open sky. We have put together a few tips for you again.

It is the weekend. Travelling yesterday in the late afternoon, one had the feeling that the other Hamburgers also used the evening to spontaneously go to the festival. The queues became longer and longer. Whether this is really entirely in line with the safety distance crisis concept remains open. The venues start 45 minutes before the concert begins and we made the experience yesterday that especially for the smaller venues one hour queuing is not enough.

Während wir uns bereits fragen, ob das Festival doch so ausgelegt ist, dass man pro Tag nur zwei Konzerte statt wie sonst fünf sehen kann, wächst an anderen Stellen ein leichter Unmut, ob diese Veranstaltung wirklich notwendig ist. Aber bevor wir ab morgen mit Abstand wieder kritisch zurückblicken, wollen wollen wir die auftretenden Künstler*nnen und Bands noch mal mit Applaus unterstützen. Denn gibt es etwas schöneres als in leuchtende Musiker*innen-Augen zu schauen nach einem gelungenen Konzert? Hier unsere Tipps für den letzten Festivaltag.

Enjoy the music

Blond – Indiepop from Germany

At the latest after the last video release “Sanifair Millionaire” everybody of us should have heard something about Blond: The trio was already a guest at the Reeperbahn Festival a few years ago and inspired us spontaneously. Today they are allowed to play on the big Festival Village Stage at 14:30 with their mixture of punk and rock, rap and choir. You should listen to them.

Miu  – Pop / Soul from Germany

In Hamburg no stranger, Miu is now for the first time at the Reeperbahn Festival. Thanks to her recently released ‘Corona Tapes’, the musician lets us dance through the crisis in an exhilarated way. Pop with soul and light disco funk. Just right for this autumn. To be heard at 18:10 at N-Joy Reeperbus and at 22:15 at Uebel & Gefährlich.

Be Svendsen  – Elektro from Denmark

Sometimes soft, sometimes dark and sonorous. Be Svendsen creates idiosyncratic and makes us listen twice. He moves between downtempo and deep house. If you like electronic beats, you shouldn’t miss the performance of Lasse Bruhn Svends. You can hear it live today at 21:30 at the Spielbude XL.

Reeperbahn Festival 2020

Even if this Reeperbahn Festival was different, we could say that we enjoyed live music and discovered new music. In front of and next to the stages we had many good detailed discussions about the current situation especially for the music industry. A detailed review will of course follow in the coming days. You can follow us again today on Instagram in the stories about the Kiez. Also our playlist will be updated from time to time. Listen to it.


Fotocredit: Titel Tara Nome Doyle by DirkKippermann for MUSICSPOTS