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Puder – with pop through the year of the crisis

Catharina Boutari is not only an impressive musician under her stage name Puder. She has also been a close confidante of MUSICSPOTS for quite some time. At the end of an exciting year, a loud THANK YOU is just as much in order as a look back at a last joint action: Thank you Puder, the anticipation for the Livetalk Special on Friday, 18.12.20 at 12:00 is constantly growing!

Catharina is a favourite musician, accomplice and expert all at once. With Puder she impresses again and again with musical productions that make you sit up and take notice. In addition to her own music, she works as a director and stage musician for the Thalia Theatre and still heads the vocal section of the online magazine Bonedo.

It like a miracle that Catharina always finds time for new crazy ideas. Having stood in rehearsal rooms and played in bands since she was a teenager (back then more rock and punk than pop), no challenge is too high for her. Constantly looking beyond the edge of her own stage always makes working with her particularly inspiring.

The release of Puder Session Tapes 4 & 5 in May 2020 were of course marked by the Corona crisis. The acoustic pre-release gig at KLANGTEPPICH in February at Foodlab Hamburg still went according to plan. All further plans, however, had to be dynamically adapted to the current measures.


But anyone who knows Puder knows: there’s no such thing as can’t. Looking back at the live music situation in the early autumn of 2020 using the example of the Puder Session Tapes, this becomes very clear. This was followed by a joint livetalk from the Nochtspeicher and two wonderful release concerts from the same club under pandemic conditions. What a concert autumn.

The Puder Session Tapes 4 & 5

Music fans who don’t know Puder’s latest release should catch up. The album Puder Session Tapes 4 & 5 that was recorded in two places (Amsterdam & Hamburg) at special locations (studio & club) with an audience is again more than just pop music with international influences.


Oriental borrowings meet free jazz elements, funk grooves and electro sprinkles. Danceable, organic, touching, unexpected.  The enjoyment of this album is therefore highly recommended. I love the song Flugverbot, which was created together with Ben Schadow and will always remind us of the live recordings in summer 2019, but also of the time of the

Livetalk-Special from Hamburg to Sydney

On Friday 18 December 2020, Catharina Boutari will take over the MUSICSPOTS Instagram channel and go live to Australia. Puder meets hip-hoper DOBBY. Pop and rock meet rap and drums. Tune in as these two creatives exchange live. Ask your questions directly in the chat on 18/12/20 at 12:00pm (10:00pm Australian time).

Before we start the Livetalk on 18.12.20 at 12:00, here’s the review & outlook, as well as Puder’s (aka Catharina Boutari) favourite songs.

Livetalk Special_IG_Post

Review & outlook

Livemusic-Highlight 2020:

Here we go, bei der Masse an möglichen Konzerten:-)
Janina 31.Oktober Knust Lattenplatz
Meine beiden Releaseshows am 24./25.September im Nochtspeicher Hamburg

Outlook to 2021:

When the shit is over. Konzerte spielen und mich in Konzerten an Menschen drängeln zu können. Nach fast zwei Jahren mal wieder Urlaub zu machen. Ganz viele Menschen treffen.

3 favorite songs 2020: 

1. Bad Guy – Billie Eilish
Einfach nur toll. Der Song, die Produktion. Alles.
2. Higher Ground / Stevie Wonder
Auch wenn der Song von 1973 ist er aktueller als je.
3. Fräulein Einsamkeit –  Janina
Passt in jedem Sinn zum Jahr. Janina ist für mich die beste deutsche Wortkünstlerin.

What a great selection of songs! Now Stevie Wonder is already represented with two songs in the Special Mix 2020 and Billie Eillish is also there. And Janina is a must anyway.

Xmas Kalender 2020_Cover

Thank you again, powder, for a very moving creative year with more live music than expected and lots of great joint actions. The special thing about Catharina Boutari is that with all the new things she does, she never forgets to involve and share with her network. It’s great to be a part of this with MUSICSPOTS. Here’s to more joint actions in 2021.

More information about Puder you get on her Homepage, FacebookInstagram, Spotify, Soundcloud und Youtube. Special Tip: Buy merch as christmas present.