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Nick Waterhouse looking back in time on Promenade Blue

With his new album Nick Waterhouse fulfills our desire for dance music. Promenade Blue is not only a personal view of the musician in his hometown. First you can call it a cool record with modern retro sound.

Mixing RnB soul, rock’n’roll and jazz into a typical sound can be called a trademark for Nick Waterhouse’s music. The songs of the Californian are not really the right choice for an evening at home.The pieces should be enjoyed live from the stage on the dance floor. The songs invite you to dance immidialy .

Melancholie and looking back

Nick Waterhouse looks back on his past in his new album and takes us to sunny California and spiritual New Orleans. Emotionally and with the right amount of energy he brings his memories to the fans.


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The opener Place Names is one of my favorites. The drums with the piano and the deep warm voice of the musician touches you directly. The piece slowly builds up and culminates in the first chorus with background choir and strings.

Emotionally, the musician takes his fans to the places of his youngest days. A retrospective, which invites between the wistful childhood memories with songs like Spanish Look or Silver Bracelet to dance exuberantly.

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Nick Waterhouse is rightly credited with a fresh retro sound. Almost perfectly, he embraces the style of music that was created far before his time and with which he grew up. The details that are found in the songs are often not to hear by first listening.. A small part you may guess this compilation, when looking into the studio recordings.

From Artist to Artist

However, there seems to be a lot of good retro RnB and soul emerging again in California right now. So we take the chance to ask Dylan Chambers, who we recently introduced and also had as a guest in Instagram live chat chat, for an opinion on the album.

Dylan took some time and answered: “I dug it. Something I respect about Nick is his allegiance to doo-wop music. It’s kind of a lost genre (which is sad) but it’s nice to hear him incorporate it into his songs. The string arrangements were fantastic and there was a lot more jazz in this album than I would have expected. All around, it’s an enjoyable record.”

Thanks Dylan for your honest opinion on the album. It’s cool to talk about new songs with a local musician. Funny that Dylan didn’t expect the great arrangements either, but he noticed them right away and we both probably appreciate the new record so much because of these subtleties. Hopefully we will all be able to meet in sunny California or here in Germany for a gig one day.

Looking on the website we see first tour dates for Europe up from end of September 2021. Fingers are crossed that are planed concerts will take place. You want to save a ticket right now?  Tour will start in Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Switzerland and finish middle of October in France. Have a look on the tour dates here.

The new album is for friends of retro soul, blues with jazz and a little rock’n’roll the right choice for good mood with a little melancholy.

Promenade Blue has been released on Innovative Leisure and can be ordered on the Webseite of Nick Waterhouse. More about Nick Waterhouse you can read on his Facebook-Fanpage or on Instagram.

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Fotocredit: Nick Waterhouse Titel by Jared Chambers; Studio by Zach Lewis