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MIMMI – goes energetic new ways with “Switch”

Norwegian musician MIMMI has released a new single, Switch. Once again, she makes clear that the second part of her upcoming trilogy can stand on its own.

After the release of Tonight in March, one could already guess that the musician is back here and now on the upcoming album.  With Switch, it is now clear to everyone that MIMI has finally left the baroque era. Here, the musician’s warm, dark voice meets clear beats, framed by a deep bass. The single seems almost electronic.

MIMMI moves between RnB & Spoken Words and hurls an almost unusual energy at us in Switch. After Tonight, this single sounds like a transformation brought about with force. We asked the musician directly and share the answer with you.

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How does this change in style between the gentle “Tonight” and the already electronic beats in “Switch” come about?

“Just like Semper Eadem, this album also offers different genres. Though, on this album, “Titanic”, the swiftness of genres is effortless. It happens as a matter of course. The great transformation took place on the first album. On this second album, I believe that many more shifts ensue when you have once transformed. If you set off on a soul-seeking adventure within yourself, you always find something further to explore, MIMMI answered.

“Switch” may seem like a giant leap from “Tonight”, but you will discover that it is not when listening to the whole album. Every shift, transformation and transition on this journey is correlated, even the changing genres. The story’s basis is all the same, concerning the conversion you go through. As an artist, I push beyond the mental boundaries within myself. You will discover that when you indulge in the music.”

MIMMI full of energy

It shows again that MIMMI consciously resists stereotypes and the compulsion to conform. Even though she is compared to greats like Kate Bush, Beth Gibbons (Portishead) and Tori Amos, she has developed a musical style all her own. A style that inevitably fascinates and makes you want to hear more.

Switch is the second single for the upcoming album Titanic, which will be released on 30 September. It forms a triology with the first part Semper Eadem (2020). While in the first part of the musical journey we were still in Renaissance pop in the time colour of Queen Elizabeth I, the musicians’ new pieces can also be taken into today’s nightlife.

Looking at the musician’s discography so far, we can be curious about where the journey will take us. The first part is certainly rather unusual for followers of contemporary pom music. It has a strongly artistic and less topical pop-cultural approach. MIMMI received the Spellemannprisen 2020 in 2021, certainly also due to this rather unusual approach. Last year, she was awarded renowned Edvard Prizes.

Switch is out on 19 August 2022 via Subsonic Society Audio and can be heard on all streaming portals. You can find out more about MIMMI on their website, Instagram or Youtube

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