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Les Imprimés starting on Big Crown Records

The Norwegian band Les Imprimés announce their cooperation with the label Big Crown Records with the new single I’ll Never Leave. We asked what this soulful debut is all about.

I’ll Never Leave comes with a warm soulful sound. The first track on the record label Big Crown from New York is equally upping in sound and so simple that the track settles directly into the ear.

The content is, as so often, about fidelity and romance, beautifully realized with matching arrangements that gently flow around the vocals. 

A beautiful song by Les Imprimés. We asked producer and multi-instrumentalist Morten Martens what the band project is all about. 

We are that thankful he took some time to answer our questions.

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1. Who else is part of the band besides you?
„At the moment it’s only me. I write the music, produce, arrange and play most of the instruments on the recordings. When I need something extra on certain parts, I bring in musician friends.“

2. Congrats to the label deal with Big Crown! How did the cooperation come about? (How did it start?)
„Thank you! From releasing a single on IMG Records in 2021, I started writing even more for the project, which I felt had potential. I have followed BCR for several years and I think they are one of the coolest labels around, their taste and artist is exquisite. I reached out to them, and it felt like a dream come true when it turned out they wanted to work with me.“

3. What can we expect from you in the next months?
„The first BCR 45 is out this Friday and the next single is out digitally later this winter. I’m in the studio at the moment finishing up the album coming in Fall.
Gonna be an exciting year!“

That sounds great, We hope to hear more soon. 

The single I’ll Never Leave was released via Big Crown Records digitally on 21st of January 2023 and will be available to order on vinyl as a 7″ on 3rd of February 2023. The B-side „ If I“ is already announced as a classic one. Have a listen when it drops and let us know what you think about it. 

Find more information about Les Imprimés on Spotify or Instagram. Of course, we’ve added I’ll Never Leave to our Soul Candy playlist

Fotocredit: Big Crown Records

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