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Lars Bygdén – One Last Time for Love

It is a sad album that songwriter Lars Bygdén released at the end of January. In One Last Time for Love, the Swede works through his grief over the loss of his wife. Folk noir of the most touching way.

Fans of the sustaining quiet sounds from the north will be more familiar with Lars Bygdén’s albums. His releases often read and sound like a direct look into his life. This is nothing unusual for music, of course, but the changes the Swede has gone through make his music special.

While the debut in 2005 and the following albums tell about life and family, the singer has been dealing with the themes of death, farewell and transience for several years now. In 2017, his wife passed away from cancer and the previous album Dark Companion, released in 2018, was well-founded as a musical farewell. On One Last Time for Love, Lars Bygdén processes his grief.


Lars Bygdén takes us with him.

The songs on the new album are immediately touching. They are carrying and transport the deep sadness of the musician to us. “The album continues where my previous album ‘Dark Companion’ ended. After the funeral of my wife. When relatives and friends have finally returned to their normal lives after joining forces around me and my children’s grief. When you sit alone on the sofa and try to understand what happened,” the musician tells about the record.

With every song, the sudden emptiness that arises from the loss of a loved one becomes palpable. Anyone who has experienced this will surely enjoy the new work of Sweden’s most influential singer-songwriter. It has everything this music needs: real feelings, without pathos and kitsch. Already during the first song A Bird and A Star, the feeling of goose bumps suddenly grips me.


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Nothing for on the go

It is an album full of moments that let the listener wander through dark valleys. One feels loneliness, coldness and at the same time abandonment and yet comforted again. Into The Light is one of the pieces that perhaps shows a little light at the end of this darkness. But even after this little glow, the album remains true to its quiet sounds.

With Under My Tree, Lars Bygdén seems to move from mourning into a more reflective phase. One has the feeling that the beautiful memories now gain the upper hand and finally with Amneszia the musician releases us into a world that will never be the same again after a long phase of mourning.

One Last Time for Love is a wonderfully profound and very sustaining album that comes to us from Sweden. Recommended for friends of folk noir to enjoy the lyrics and wonderful warm melodies.

More about Lars Bygdén you get on his webseite, on Instagram or Facebook. Actual you´ll will although find there.

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Fotocredit: by Lars Bygdén