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Lady Wray looks ahead to 2022 with ‘Thank You’

In her new single, Lady Wray emphasises the church roots of her career. In Thank You, she shows once again how much she manages to touch people only with her fantastic voice. During our interview for the upcoming album, Lady Wray has also already dared to look back and look forward to the year and tells us her favorite songs that have accompanied her through the year.

Thank You is completely reduced to Lady Wray’s soulful voice. We hear piano and a bass-drum combination. A song that is very reminiscent of the soul of the 60s. The background vocals also connect the piece with church gospel singing and remind us of Lady Wray’s early days in the church choir.

The song is about the musician’s big goal: “My goal is always to help and to heal people with singing,” she explains. Part of that is to try and bring back real music, real singing, so people can feel something again.” At the same time, Lady Wray expresses her gratitude to those who accompany and support her on her way.


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Meanwhile the single Thank You was dropped I had the honour to interview the musician. In our telephone call, Lady Nicole Wray spoke openly and in detail about her path over the past years up to the new album Piece Of Me, which will be released in early 2022 via Big Crown Records. We already revealed that the album was mainly influenced by Lady Wray’s special situation of becoming a mother. An influence that can also be clearly felt in the current single.

We give you a little insight into the past and coming months of the musician here. Lady Wray also told us her favourite songs and artists, which of course will be included in our Special Mix 2022 together with Thank You.

Concert-/ live music highlight 2021:
Looking back on the year of  2021, I had been in quarantine and had no chance of visiting any concerts. Unfortunately, but I am very excited for next year to see some artists that I love to see in concert and for me to get back on stage again as well. During 2021 I was home trying to stay safe and out of the way.

Outlook 2022:
I am looking forward getting back on stage. My last show was so long ago,. I was pregannt at this time. You might imagine how much I am loanging for getting back in Lady Wray mode, singing, sweating and fall in love with the crowd again. 

3 favorite songs during the year

1. Amber Mark – Love Me Right
Little Dragon – Twice
3. Anderson.Paak  feat. Brandy – Jet Black 

Those are three artists that I had been listening to many times throughout the year and that I love to see on stage in 2022 as well.

We will publish the whole interview in January 2022 for the album release. Many thanks to Lady Wray for sharing this very personal insights with us.. The anticipation to the full Piece of Me album from 28.01.2022 is growing. Find more out more about Lady Wray here, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.