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KOKO x Nina Chuba x Dillistone  – ‘22s’ the perfect sound disaster

KOKO are back with their typical dark deep sound and catchy beats. On their newest single ‘22s’ the band from the island have an extra for us. In collaboration with female rap artist Nina Chuba they bring us a track more uplifting and head-crashing we may have expected. You want more of that? Have a look in our Instagram takeover on Tuesday, 23th of March. 

The new single ‘22s’ was recorded in late summer last year before KOKO blew us away with their gigs at the Reeperbahn Festival 2020. KOKO and Nina Chuba spent some days with producer Dillistone in Berlin.


The group of crazy creatives had fun from the start and the band remembers: “We instantly clicked and built the story of the song about a failed relationship. We felt we’d all been in the same situation where everything we did seemed to be wrong. When you constantly find yourself in these scenarios, it’s that feeling of ‘damned if you do and damned if you don’t’, a catch-22.” 

The track shows once more that KOKO has the capability to deal with beats and flows in a way we had been looking up in vain for too long. 22s is a hit. Nina Chuba breaks the rules of boring vocals with her personal rap style. The song sounds  kind of naughty and underlined with the direct voice message you will keep in your head. 


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“22s is a track about being a walking disaster you just can’t leave alone. Your flaws are perfect in all their messed up glory and if that makes you a living catch-22, then find someone who doesn’t mind playing with fire,” she and Dillistone say about the song. 

We announce 22s as one of the best indie song releases in the last weeks. It kicked “So nice to meet you” off the toplist of KOKO tunes. Nina Chuba and Dillistone are even now on our radar and will be focused next week here as well.

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