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House rules Planet MUSICSPOTS

1. Scope
The house rules apply to the entire instance Planet MUSICSPOTS as well as the music magazine musicspots.de.

2. Domestic Law
The Fediverse instance Planet MUSICSPOTS is a service of the music magazine MUSICSPOTS. The domestic laws towards all persons registered on this instance, as well as all guests registered on other instances who interact with these persons, are exercised by the generally friendly and helpful members of the MUSICSPOTS editorial staff, whose orders must be obeyed. Blocking these employees is not permitted and may result in a warning.

3. Exclusion
The editorial staff musicspots.de reserves the right to make use of its domestic laws and to deny access to the instance planet.musiscspots.de to persons who excel in racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or Ableism, or who belong to neo-Nazi organizations or are associated with the right-wing scene. This also applies to corresponding instances.

4. Safety.
Bullying, stalking, doxxing, threats, insults, intentional misgendering or deadnaming will not be tolerated. The entity planet.musicspot.de sees itself as a safe space also for members of marginalized groups. People who feel threatened can contact the editorial staff of musicspots.de at any time.

5. Trending Hashtags
Planet MUSICSPOTS is a server for people working in or interested in music and culture. The editorial team reserves the right to moderate and exclude trending hashtags that clearly stray from the core topics of music and culture.

6. Food and beverage photography
The photographing of food and beverages is permitted. The editors ask that only appetizingly prepared food be photographed and published before consumption.