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Etaoin conquers our hearts and souls with her new EP

If you don’t know Etaoin yet, you should get to know her! She will break your heart with her new songs. The London-based singer-songwriter has just released her second EP I Hate Everyone (but I don’t mind you), which is great news for all lovers of real folk-pop music. That’s why, of course, we immediately said “yes” when she asked if she could take over our Instagram channel during her stay and performance at Haldern Pop next Thursday, 11 August.

Etaoin has done everything right. She picks four songs on her second EP and surpasses the goal of being just as good as the debut. And that was already terrific, We told you so back then!

Still heartbroken

“Whilst the first EP was about her getting her heart broken, this one is about being still broken, but scared of being hurt again,”  Etaoin told me in our little chat some days ago. 


The EP tells stories about trust, or rather lack of trust, after being deserted  by someone important to her. You can feel the pain in the title song I Hate Everyone (but I don’t mind you) and you will certainly ache for her when you hear Cold Blood. The quieter nature of Sick of Me shows the talent of Etaoin for putting her thoughts into music just, reduced to guitar and vocals. My favorite, however, is her last single If I Ever Find Home, with which she invites us to continue to accompany her. We will!


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This talented musician gives us back the hope that there is good handmade music out there, her music is not  just an overload of  effects. We get a strong and fragile voice from a lovely soul.  A musician who has just decided to become a mother to a little puppy who is too cute to be scolded when he pees in the kitchen just before the interview starts.

All this together brings us to the amazing announcement of a special Instagram takeover!

Etaoin Instagram Takeover on 11.08.22

Join Etaoin on Thursday, 11th of August at Haldern Pop. She will take over our Instagram and of course present her music live at 1:30 pm in the church stage in the village

The 39. Haldern Pop 2022 from 11.08. – 13.08.22 has, as always, an impressive line-up. You have the chance to see artists like Curtis Harding, Nilufer Yanya and Kae Tempest live. More info and tickets can be found here.

I Hate Everyone (but I don’t mind you) is out 05.08.2022 on Made Records and can be heard on all streaming platforms. Find out more about Etaoin on InstagramFacebookYoutube und Spotify.

Fotocredit: Etaoin by Daniel A Harris

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