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Emma Noble – a new summer hit has arrived

Emma Noble is one of the most powerful female voices in soul music for us. With her newest single she nearly tops everything on the market. Her new release “We Gonna Live Forever” is a true summer hit that’s fresh and uplifting, which everyone needs to listen to.

For fans of MUSICSPOTS the UK based singer, songwriter is a well know musician. With ‘Women Of The World’, she was the opener of our  Powerful Female Voices  Playlist on Women’s Day this year. Besides her solo career, Emma Noble is one half of the legendary DJ team ‘Noble & Heath’ and a great radio presenter on ‘Totally Wired Radio’. You have not heard about her before? Well then you’ve really missed a talent!

Can you remember listening to a track that catches you from first note? Try the new single from Emma Noble entitled “We Gonna Live Forever”. It’s a track full of soul and good vibes that comes together with the fresh and characteristic voice of the singer. Written in the 3rd lockdown of corona virus, Emma decided to look forward to a better future and create a tune perfect for the restart into a new and more normal time in life.

And she does – right on time. After listening to so many sad, slow and quiet songs in the past month, we can now start to feel music and dance culture creeping back again. (Actually in Hamburg we still wait, but hope that dancing may be allowed again soon).

The new single is a co-write between herself and fellow singer/songwriter Nick Corbin (founder of Big A.C Records an independent London record label). The song is a typical Friday sound and is about the feeling after a long hard week of work. Every note from the start seems to say: Let´s start the weekend and go party!

It starts perfectly with a horn section and has a brilliant climax with a fulfilling chorus and guitar solo in the middle. At the end, we get a combination of a flute solo and some guitar riffs which fades out like a warm sundowner at a beach bar. Together with the voice of Emma Noble, there comes a true hit for us. It´s so fresh and full of original soul sounds that we do not want it to stop. Our tip: look in the mirror while listening and you will see yourself smiling brighter than the sun.


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Even the story of the development seems to be a very natural and fluent process. “When Nick Corbin sent me the instrumental demo for this track to listen to, it hit all the right notes for me”, Emma explains. “It had a real sense of celebration and joy and I wanted to continue that theme through with the lyrics and lyrical melody.”

I have to repeat myself… I really love this new single. After ‘Women Of The World’, ‘Table Dancers’ and ‘No Turning Back’, Emma has outdone herself this time. Realizing that, by listening to her vocals years ago on ‘Fires Glow‘ with Lack of Afro, I really hope that there will be more to hear more of her voice in solo.

The great sound is also due to the musicians involved. To be named here are: Tim Bye (Drums), Nick Corbin (Bass Guitar, Clavinet & Additional Guitar),Pat West (Guitars), Rich Milner (Organ & Wurlitzer), Dominic Glover (Trumpet & Trombone), Andrew Ross (Saxes & Flute) Tristan Longworth (Solina & Percussion)

Emma Noble live on stream

Do you want to know more about the story of this summer hit or what plans Emma Noble has for the next month? Tune in to our next TALK & LISTEN Live-Talk-Session on Instagram. Thursday, 24th of June at 7pm (German time) and 6 pm UK time we have the honor to welcome Emma Noble live on our Instagram channel to spend a good time chatting together.

More about Emma Noble you get on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or Spotify.


We Gonna Live Forever  is out now on every streaming plattform and of cause part of our New Music Friday Playlist.

Fotocredit: Emma Noble by Dean Chalkley