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Carmy Love an amazing soulvoice is entering the stage

Carmy Love presents a new song full of soul and energy that puts a smile in our faces. If you look out for a song that brings you on a higher level, tune in to „The Morning On“. After her tour with the Big AC Soul Revue the singer gives us a look back through the year and tells us her favorite songs in 2022.

The new single by Carmy Love is a recommendation to everyone who loves the original retro soul music. In The Morning showed us once again how to kick us out of our unproductive routines with a tune as positive as it can be. Listen wisely to the lyrics – here you’ll find an artist sharing her insides of procrastination wasting time and turning her thoughts into a soulful lovely song.

For music lovers around here it often might seem strange that the UK radio stations are the best address to push an artist to the top of the charts. But a shout-out on BBC 6 Music is nearly an invite to the world biggest stages across the ocean. Carmy Love has already received these invites for her music for Together Again’  in October as well as In the Morning the last weeks. Hopefully she will be welcomed to Europe in the next months.

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The singer started her solo carrier in 2021 after giving acts like Cool Million, PM Warson and the New Street Adventure a backing vocal that is more than a small humming bird. For her solo career she starts to work again with Nick Corbin and the artists around Big AC Records. The last weeks she has successfully performed her songs as apart of the Big AC Soul Revue and we are looking forward to what will come up next.

Of course, we didn’t miss the chance to ask the soul singer about her favourite songs that have accompanied her through the year. Carmy Love also revealed her live music highlights and what she is looking forward to in the coming year.

Carmy Love looks back and forward

Concert highlights 2022
“My personal highlight would be the last show out our tour in November. We played at the 100 Club in London, this place was basically were I started singing quite regularly with Nick Corbin’s band New Street Adventure. It felt so good to be back in that space and the crowd were amazing, it would have been the last place my late father would have seen me perform, so it was really emotional in parts, but an incredibly beautiful end of our Big AC Soul Revue tour. I think we gave everything we had in that show. I just love performing with Nick Corbin, Emma Noble, Abi Farrell and The Hang Ups.”

Outlook 2023:
“I am looking forward to performing more, writing new music. For people to hear all the new music and hopefully do a showcase with all these tracks. I am a weirdly shy person at times and I feel like 2023 is about coming out of your comfort zone. So I look forward to pushing against my own boundaries and seeking new adventures and all possibilities.”

3 favorite songs 2023

1. Durand Bernarr and Ari Lennox – Stuck
“This track gets played multiple times a day. The song is so feisty and I love the fact that it is playful at the same time, like ‘Hunny, don’t you go falling in love with me, because I will not catch you’. The blend of voices is just like butter.”

2. Kersha Bailey – Bridges
“Kersha is an amazing UK artist and I just love her voice. The song describes a turbulent relationship, where you’ve built walls to protect yourself from being hurt by someone, but not matter what they manage to make those walls crumble down. Such a beautiful peaceful sounding song, but at the same time infused with so much turmoil. I can definitely relate to it.”

3. Gabriels  – Love And Hate In A Different Time
“This track, this group! Jacob Lusk is everything! The song is so captivating, the music just speaks to my soul, gets me dancing and also just brings you to church! I love singing along to it. I was lucky enough to see them in concert earlier this year. The backing singers were so synchronised, the sounds of the live instruments and Jacob creating almost a dream like experience for me. I just love Jacob!”

Gemeinsam mit der neuen Single In the Morning habe wir wieder vier wunderbare Stücke unserem MUSICSPOTS Special Mix beigefügt.

More infos about Carmy Love you get on the Big AC Records Website, Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.

Fotocredit by Dean Chalkley

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