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Buket with feeling for RnB at KLANGTEPPICH #2 in Hamburg

It is Buket’s vocal power to shape her sensitivity into images from words and sounds. Rmbr Me held me captive, Guessing Games completely convinced me!” This could be the answer to the question why Buket was chosen for KLANGTEPPICH .

RnB rediscovered

Almost breathlessly she breathes her “You’re just a stranger” towards us and then climbs up the scales seemingly effortlessly. She doubles herself, disappears in her own background. Stranger is pop, is RnB, is modern and timeless. Buket brings the sound of her time back to life. Finally RnB is more than just the little sister of hip hop. It is suitable for radio and yet more than pure mainstream. The songs have depth and feeling. I celebrate this young musician for her way of creating her songs so freely. Because the RnB had lost its importance for me for a long time.

I grew up with the RnB of the 90s, jazz dance and pop charts. Michael Jackson and Maria Carey. Janet and later Britney, we all celebrated them in the beginning. But the RnB ran out of breath at the end of the 90s. Buket revived it. With a special voice and a sensitivity for the soft and the loud notes in music.


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Buket manages the balancing between danceable pop music and the creation of stories, whose melodies make them seem more powerful than one would expect from the musician at first sight. “Heart forgiven, heart given away. But in the end there remains a feeling of powerlessness, disappointment and anger at not having listened to her own intuition” she writes about her song Rmbr Me. The song, which lacks the vowels in the title, as if the loveless lover had taken it away. Infinitely heavy and sad also the fitting video. Another poem that Buket gives us here.

Buket live on stage

And then suddenly at the beginning of the year a change. Working with Lean gets us back on the dance floor. At the beginning of the year Buket makes us celebrate and marvel. Again a chance to listen at least a second time. I think it will remain exciting in 2020, around this voice talent that has already been on stage with artists like Sarah Connor and Lena Meyer-Landrut.

We may be glad to admire them one last time in a small circle. Ar 27.02.20 at KLANGTEPPICH in Hamburg on our Secret Stage with Puder and LiVES. Together the three strong voices will inspire us with songs full of feeling, lightness but also heaviness and much joy. Save your Ticket for our secret stage with harbour view now..

Upcoming news and dates by Buket you find on her Webseite, on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.

Fotocredit: Buket Titel by Yoshua Sommer