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Amilli brings a lot of RnB and pop with SOAMI

Amilli has always caused a sensation with her releases so far. The Bochumerin with the smoky and yet warm-sounding voice managed to increasingly attract our attention. So the release of the debut SOAMI was all the more eagerly awaited.

So much in advance: After Amilli really blew me away two years ago with her song Hazy Days, the first long player does not completely meet my expectations. I listened to the album several times and read the praising words of the other music editors right around the release. But the musician does not pick me up 100 percent. However, SOAMI has highlights that I do not want to withhold from you.

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Before writing the review, I got a second opinion from our community on Planet MUSICSPOTS. Here on Mastodon we regularly share freshly released songs, report on concert experiences and thus also always find new inspiration. Here we discuss music, business and everyday life again and again and have found the otherwise missing “personal” online exchange in social media.

The new album by Amilli has received quite positive feedback. Among other things, Mauszeiga shared: “I like it a lot. Thanks for the tip! Can be recommended to all who also like Lana Del Rey – I also find the interaction with AnnenMayKantereit nice “Bang Bang”.

That’s true and besides Hazy Days, the cooperation with AnnenMayKantereit is a real highlight of Amilli so far. Pieces such as Bang Bang have led to Amilli being allowed to play on large stages in recent years and appearing at festivals such as Lollapalooza. So her music is catching on. But why does the debut not convince me completely?

A great beginning

The title track SOAMI is honestly a killer. Unexpectedly, Amilli presents us with the opener her thoughts about a self-determined life. It’s about change and growth. Soft beats and a voice that you would rather locate in London than in the Ruhrpott. The track sounds round, is well mixed and gives me hope. Also with Warning Signs the musician goes directly to the front. Away from the soft RnB and soulful pop, more to the dance floor, which is good.


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But then it becomes slightly experimental on the album. The third track All Over Again is not so easy on the ear. Music, vocals and effects lie over and next to each other. I feel abruptly overwhelmed and catapulted back into the 90s. But that’s not where I wanted to be today. So up to the next one. Unfortunately, Carry On repeats the feeling that this is not my favorite album.

The catchy tune

With Stuck in My Head Amilli clearly shows her talent to combine her voice sensitively with the harmonious RnB beats. The song is a super earworm and would have landed on my mixtapes almost 20 years ago. Today we find it in numerous IndiePop playlists. A song about self-determination in relationships. Timeless and yet current.

Before we go all freak out on the virtual dancefloor, Amilli stops us with GodDamnIt. Again one of those skillful craft tracks of the album, which fully convince me in their way, but so not at all fit to what I expected. I think the song is really great and I could well imagine Amili opening the evening for musicians like YellowStraps.

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I therefore pay little attention to the last three tracks of the album. They are too beat, trap and drums overloaded for me. I hear a lot of similar at the moment and am unfortunately disappointed by the result.

With a clear view I truly say that SOAMI is an album worth listening to. The intensive work of Amilli with her musical soulmate Leo Müller-Klönne pays off. For me personally, the songs are unfortunately often too static, too well thought out and too perfectly produced. Because of this I miss the little extra, the imperfection that makes it special. SOAMI offers a lot of RnB, pop, soft and dynamic songs with good lyrics and Amilli’s voice comes into its own sufficiently. But one thing is for sure: Even if the album won’t take a place in the MUSICSPOTS Top Album Lists, you can surely hear the title track Soami and Warning Signs often with us.

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